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Play Bubbles 2021


It’s cold outside….. the only thing worse than weekday distance learning with a child home while trying to work, is a board child with nothing to do while you’re home trying to work.  Starting January 2021 District Jump invites you to join one of our weekly Play Bubbles (private group play sessions).  If you’ve already been to District Jump then you know how much fun your children have each and  every  visit, if you’ve never been than your family is in for a treat!


How Our Play Bubbles Work?

Beginning the 3rd weekend in January 2021 District Jump will offer set times for Play Bubble members to visit.  These members will have full access to our facility where they can play in our huge playroom, participate in various arts and crafts activities, snack bar area, story times, along with other games and energy burning fun! Each Play Bubble visits at the same time with the same children week (Example: Wednesday, Saturday 0r Sunday).  Parents can sit back, relax, and read a book or work while we entertain your children over the session.

Safety…. Safety & More Covid Safety!

Play Bubble Rules Member Access

 Parents must complete the District Jump Play Bubble questionnaire

  1. Parent must provide a copy of negative Covid-19 test results for themselves and each child they are introducing into the group from within 7 days of the Bubble start date.
  2. Parents must provide proof of their children’s flu shot vaccination.
  3. All children must be able to wear a mask and understand that the mask must be worn while inside our facility during the entire play session unless they are drinking or eating.
  4. Children and Parents that do not arrive at District Jump in the same vehicle must safely social distance from others while visiting (children will be reminded of this rule politely).
  5. Temperature checks will be taken of everyone when entering the building
  6. Parents will sign a promissory agreement stating that they will protect the Bubble by not allowing their children as well as themselves to visit with neighbors, extended family and friends indoors without wearing a mask.
  7. Parents agree to dress accordingly ( layers) as well keep the bay doors as well as the front door open just enough to keep fresh air flowing through the facility.

Play Bubbles will meet twice a week Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays.  For more information please contact us 7 days a week at 301-336-5050.

Already a member of a Play Bubble and need an indoor place for your group to visit?  Give us a call, your group is welcomed!